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Our Places

Hidden ecological hideaways

Maybe it’s the fresh air. Maybe it’s the fresh water. Escape the everyday and find energy at our ecological boathouses.

To stop and turn back time is to experience a cleaner, simpler and more connected life with nature. As soon as you arrive, the surrounding beauty will take your breath away, and you’ll slowly be freed from your former life as you fully immerse yourself into the experience.

While you walk towards your accommodation, you’ll notice the abundance of wildlife, sparkle of the water and the forever changing landscape of the sky as you draw the fresh air into your lungs.

As you spot your hideaway nestled in its environment, you’ll notice the simple clean lines and use of raw rustic materials, at peace with nature and which complement one another effortlessly.

Our places are each master crafted with a deeply sustainable philosophy. This means that every aspect of their design and build has been inspired by nature.

All of the products and materials used are environmentally certified, and the buildings are modular, fully adaptable, built off site and shipped to location, which is significantly better for our environment.

We continue to build local communities of partners who are inspired to tread lightly on our planet, and are living their dream of eco-tourism on the water. The eco-units are owned and run by local people who care. People on the same wavelength who want to implement change and the good things in life!

We welcome you and your family with a smile, knowing that you’re supporting our local community in return.

You’re now invited to experience life on the water for yourself. So dive in!