Embrace design excellence

  • Maintaining flexible and adaptable approaches
  • Encouraging integrated design
  • Adopting effective planning techniques
  • Promoting accessibility

Foster environmental responsibility

  • Enhancing our natural environment
  • Reducing our ecological footprint

Enhancing liveability

  • Creating healthy, safe and secure communities
  • Building community adaptability
  • Providing diverse and affordable living
  • Fostering inclusiveness and cohesiveness

A Little Bit About Us

The beauty of life is giving and working together

We are a team of builders, designers and members of the local community who are passionate about linking ecological innovation with boathouse ecotourism. There’s nothing better than working together to achieve great things for our planet, and our team is on a fun-filled mission to give back and pay it forward.

We are truly excited to bring our beautifully designed and built modular homes to life, and our path is for people to see innovation and the environment come together.

Our building partner is SWALE Modular, a sustainable construction company based in Australia, which has proudly designed the range of unique, beautifully built modular homes available for your stay. Each unit is built with a highly sustainable focus that emphasises a modular design, which means that they are designed, constructed, shipped, transported and unloaded faster and more affordably than conventional building.

We’re excited about the journey ahead!

Create opportunities for economic prosperity

  • Enhancing employment opportunities
  • Attracting investment
  • Promoting education and learning
  • Encouraging innovation 
  • Promoting efficiency and effectiveness