This is a place to relax, rejuvenate and put your feet up. We’ll give you the tools to cook on board, create and eat beautiful healthy meals that support local producers, which will nourish your body, soul and conscience. Maybe you just might just absorb the goodness, and go home a little more food savvy and enriched in life.

Freedom & fun

Good energy spins the world and we want you to feel as though you are truly free. We want your stay to be full of laughter, openness and fun. Our eco-units are pockets of sun and we invite you to be a part of it!

It’s all about your


What you can do

Our wish is for you to find energy, clarity and a direct connection with nature and serenity during your stay. Our guests visit for a range of reasons, including for special occasions, celebrations, creative businesses or simply as a local retreat, all designed to allow you to feel healthy and alive during your stay. So leave your watch at home, follow the simple patterns of the day and get ready to lose track of time.


Feel enlightened and embrace being submerged in local wisdom and mysticism away from your normal life. The Boathouses are a secret hideaway that will awaken your soul and for those who haven’t quite connected to their spirituality – Dakini represents the symbolic female figure of absolute freedom, portrayed as mother nature, full of enlightening energy, exclusive and playful. This embodies everything our accommodation represents.


Connect to nature and appreciate pausing in life. Hear the wind, sway with the water and rise with the sun to feel the energy nature can provide. You will connect with the environment in ways you never have before, becoming an ecologically, sustainable experience, taking home so many memories and leaving only your footprints behind.